Project Description

Meet Suzanne

suzanneAt the tender age of three, Suzanne drew her first caricature. By age six, she was already a professional illustrator charging a nickel for super-cute cartoons to fellow second-graders. She is an award-winning artist and her talent is so rich and diverse that she’s called the “everything artist.” From prop-making to portraits, face painting to faux finishes, she does everything well.

As a caricaturist, she shares an infectious laugh and the love of her craft making her a joy to be around. Suzanne is a kind heart, a gentle soul, and her art is worth every nickel!

Meet Jerry

jerryJerry has been drawing almost all of his life and drawing live caricatures for about 20 of those years. He is one of our most sought after caricature artists in the Baltimore Metro area. However, he does travel to adjacent areas, from York County, Pennsylvania in the north to Washington, DC in the south; from Carroll and Howard Counties to the west to Harford and Cecil Counties to the east. Typically he can draw about 10 to 12 people an hour in black-&-white; a few less per hour in full color. He has drawn as many as 94 people in one day! He has drawn people as young as 1 hour old (from a Polaroid photo) to 100 years of age. He has never met a face he didn’t like. He aims for an excellent likeness; cute, and flattering …. And people are THRILLED with the results … they always walk away smiling.

Meet Ali

Since 2009, Ali has been working as a caricature artist in parks and fairs all across America. She has made an impact with her work on her clients and peers and has won awards from the International Society of Caricature Artists; including awards in Retail Caricature, Humor, and Best Overall Caricature piece.

Ali is a joy to have at any event. With her speed and energetic style of caricature, she will provide endless entertainment for you and your guests to enjoy and participate in! Along with events, Ali is also available to do studio caricatures from photos for that extra personal touch you might want as a gift or just to show off how fun you are to your friends.

Meet David

david-cook-caricature-artist-at-changing-faces-4-funDavid Cook was an award-winning medical illustrator and animator for 35 years, before he turned to the art of caricature 17 years ago. As a caricature artist and former Caricature Supervisor at Hersheypark, David specialized in putting smiles on people’s faces. While continuing to work in the park, he has also been known for his hilarious performances at private events and parties. Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Parties, Christmas and Birthday Parties, Graduations and Post Proms; he has done it all. David’s experience as an animator has infused his caricatures with a liveliness rarely seen. His over 15 years of experience and his cartoon style has been a delight for all ages and he would surely be a great asset at your next event.

Meet Bridgette

Bridgette has been drawing since before she can remember. She was that little girl with a pencil in one hand and paper in the other. She even found a Bible of her mothers with her drawings in it.

Caricatures came into her life when she was 16 in 2002, and she has been drawing them ever since.  She learned the art of Caricatures through a company that originated out of Ohio. This company was in many major theme parks across the U.S. They came to her school to recruit for artists but she also got to job shadow with them through a job study program. She has been doing this for over a decade now and she is amazed how her style has changed over the years. She loves to entertain people with her art and inspire others to keep art alive!

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