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Mrs. (Karen) Claus

Mrs Karen Claus - Baltimore


HOME VISITS: Bringing the season to life … A great new tradition! Invite Mrs. Claus to your home on Christmas Eve to share the joy, magic, and the spirit of the Christmas holiday season. Mrs. Claus will make a home visit on Christmas Eve and share stories and sing-a-longs. Afterwards, she will help the children sprinkle reindeer feed on the lawn, set out the magic key, milk and cookies, and then tuck them into bed (with the help of their parents) and read them a Christmas bedtime story.

EVENTS:  Add a memorable and heart-warming Christmas Spirit to your special event …. Invite Mrs. Claus! Why should Santa get all the credit? This program allows the children the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Claus will share Christmas stories, holiday sing-a-longs, and give the children the opportunity to ask questions about her, Santa Claus, and the North Pole. Available for schools, libraries and corporate events.

  • Photo Ops
  • Breakfast With Mrs. Claus
  • Sing-a-Longs
  • Storytelling
  • Ms. Claus's Tuck Ins

Santa Claus (Mark)


Creating Memories, One Visit At A Time ….. Make this special time of the year MAGICAL for your family and friends. Invite Santa to create a magical experience which will become the highlight of your Holiday Season for years to come. As the children sit on Santa’s lap and share their Christmas Wishes lasting memories will be made.  Santa Mark has been working with children for over three decades and is dedicated to making your child’s SANTA EXPERIENCE magical.  Santa Mark is married and has parented over 50 children!  How did he do that, you ask?  We are glad you asked.  Santa Mark and the Mrs. (Mrs. Karen Claus) have foster parented over 50 children throughout the years.  They have three birth sons and two adopted sons.  You better believe there is never a dull moment in their home and it’s always filled with lots of laughter!

When Santa Mark isn’t busy sitting on the floor with little ones talking about the North Pole, reading the Twas The Night Before Christmas, or leading the song Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, he is managing a math and engineering high school.  In fact, he has been employed at the same school for the last 32 years!  Wow, that’s unheard of these days.  He enjoys making a difference in the lives of children and really looks forward to the Holiday Season.

Here is a true fact about Santa Mark for you.  The first time Santa Mark put on the INFAMOUS RED SUIT, approximately 12 years ago, his own son, at the time 3 years old, had no idea it was his own father.  Oh my, now how’s that for making them BELIEVE!  Imagine the excitement and wonder of the children this year when authentic and real bearded Santa Mark arrives with plenty of hearty Ho Ho Hos!  Kids love his warm, easy going, and fun personality.  Invite Santa Mark to your holiday event this year for a truly heartwarming, magical and fun experience.

  • Santa's Sneak & Peak
  • Show/Photo Ops
  • Breakfast With Santa

Santa Claus (Blaine)


Santa Blaine BIO coming soon …..

  • Show/Photo Ops
  • Breakfast With Santa
  • Santa's Sneak & Peak

We also have photo booths available!

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