Let’s celebrate EVERYTHING! 

That’s our motto here at Changing Faces 4 Fun so we mark milestones and special occasions with CELEBRATIONS!  What better way to share a special moment then with family and friends.  When special occasions arise, you may not know how to neither plan the perfect party nor have the time to pull it all together.  That is where we come in.  At Changing Faces 4 Fun, we know that we are not just planning a fun event but a lifetime of memories!


Looking for a space for your next event?  Let us find you the perfect place for your birthday party, engagement party, wedding, baby shower, bar mitzvah, family union and on and on.   We will help you select the perfect place for your event.  Please call us at 717-751-1720 (York, PA location) or 443-939-9547 (Baltimore, MD location) or click here to contact us today!

We don’t only help make your event a memorable one but a hassle free one so you may sit back, relax and enjoy the fun too.  Wouldn’t it be great to attend your event and actually enjoy it this year?  Let us simplify your life by allowing us to plan, arrange and handle the details.  We can assist you with as little or as much as you desire by tailoring our services to meet your precise need.  We have a network of the best event vendors, venues and entertainers in the area.  Let us pull it all together as it will save you time, money and hassle.  We can ensure you that you will have a successful event and talk of the town party well beyond the festivities.


We are always looking for new spaces in and around the York, PA and Baltimore, MD areas to book events.  Please contact us if you have a space or are interested in becoming one of our event space vendors.  Please call us at 717-751-1720 (York, PA location) or 443-939-9547 (Baltimore, MD location) or click below to get started!

Whatever theme or event you are envisioning, we can make it come true.  If you don’t have a vision, our creative team can design and create an experience that people will talk about for years to come. There is no event too small or too large.  We will ensure every detail is accounted for and your vision is realized. Come create your “Pinterest Perfect Party” with us.

Are you ready to get started? Call us at (717) 751-1720!

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