Project Description

Live Body Art

Want a new and exciting way to WOW your guests?  Have one of our Fantasy Makeup Artist magically transform a model into an incredible work of art right before your audience’s eyes!  Live art is a focal point and is guaranteed to attract attention at promotional and special events.  This unique entertainment is visually stimulating and offers something exciting and innovative for any theme imaginable.  We can even integrate your company or event logo into the custom design.  Body painting can be done on a partially costumed model, swimsuit, or swimsuit top coupled with a sarong skirt.


Live Art offers great photo opportunities.  Having souvenir photos of your attendees with live art models are a great way to have patrons remember your special event.  Moreover, models can even mingle throughout the event, pose for photographs, and distribute promotional material.


Guaranteed to draw a crowd, make a lasting impression, and liven up any event.

Glitter, Airbrush & Henna Tats

LIVE DANGEROUSLY …. well, for a couple of days or few weeks at least!  The popular Temporary Tattoos are a GREAT PARTY IDEA and will captivate children and adults alike.  Our tattoos can survive from a couple of days to a few weeks depending upon placement and aftercare.  While long lasting, these tattoos can be quickly removed with baby oil and/or rubbing alcohol.  Make your next event unforgettable by selecting one of our tattoo party packages below.

Guaranteed to draw a crowd, make a lasting impression, and liven up any event.

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos are the hottest new trend in body art! They add Fun & Glitz to any event and are popular among both children and adults alike. We have many styles to choice from and custom logos can be made for special promotional events and sporting events. They are an excellent choice for pool parties! These waterproof tattoos can last up to 7 days depending upon placement and aftercare.

Airbrush Tatttoos

Take a walk on the wild side! Temporary airbrush tattoos look very realistic. With many fun, hip, and realistic designs to choose from, our airbrush tattoo artists will be sure that guests of all ages have the time of their lives. Your guests will have a blast showing off their new “ink”

Henna Tattoos

Mehndi is the natural art of using henna paste (derived from the henna plant) as a way to decorate and temporarily tattoo the skin. Let one of your highly talented artists pamper your guests with a beautiful temporary henna tattoo. All the fun of a traditional tattoo without the commitment! This is UNIQUE idea for ladies night out, spa party, prom shut ins, and pre-teen and sweet sixteen birthday parties.

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